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Carla Sofia Ferreira

teacher • poet • tree-climber

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Carla Sofia Ferreira is the daughter of Portuguese immigrants and a high school English teacher & poet from Newark, New Jersey.

  • After graduating from St. Vincent Academy in Newark, New Jersey, she entered Harvard College's class of 2012. In 2011, she was one of three students selected by the English Department to write a creative thesis in poetry, an original collection of 52 poems titled In Transit.

  • A recipient of an MPhil from the University of Cambridge and a master's in education from Stanford University, Carla also earned fellowships from the Sundress Academy for the Arts and DreamYard Rad(ical) Poetry Consortium.

  • Carla's first (micro)chapbook was published with Ghost City Press in 2019: Ironbound Fados. It's free, it's 18 pages, and she would love for you to read it.

  • In the summer/fall of 2019, she coedited an immigrant and first-generation American anthology of poetry, No Tender Fences, which raised over $2000 for immigrant rights group RAICES - Texas.

  • She reviews books for EcoTheo and recent works live in Glamourunderblong, Cotton Xenomorph, Glass, The Rumpus, Washington Square Review, and december, among others.

Her cat, Moonshadow, has successfully learned how to fetch. Currently, Carla is either drinking bubble tea or thinking about drinking bubble tea. She believes in kindness, semicolons, and that ICE needs to be permanently abolished.

She finds writing bios in the third person a bit pretentious, but is saving her overthrow of societal norms for bigger causes.

Cover Art: Orchid Cugini

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